The Name Gender API


Create personalised experiences with inferred gender.

Did you forget to ask your users gender when they signed up? Are you looking to improve conversion by removing form fields? Use Person API to enrich data just using a name.

96% of Jane's are female

female profile imageartist's impression of Jane

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curl '' \
  --header 'X-RapidAPI-Key: YOUR_API_KEY'

{"name":"John", "gender":"male", "genderPercentage":0.98}
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Where does the data come from

The data is sourced from a number of public repositories anonymised and used in aggregate. It is updated regularly.

How accurate is the data

The data is very accurate because we have analysed millions of records from reliable data sources. Because information is determined from aggregate, it is correct for the majority of names, but that means it can be wrong in some cases. Eg most John‘s are Male but not all.

How can I use this data

Use this data to provide personalised experiences where being incorrect will not detract from the experience. Recommendations or setting default states are a good use case. Always give people the opportunity to correct the assumption.